On a ball floating in the black abyss…

I am Katherine.
Mum to 3 brilliant boys. One on the spectrum apparently.
They all shine bright.
I am a designer. Now jewellery. Was graphics. Think I’m interior too.
Beauty salon owner. (Off piste)
Trying to make sure our house is home in the basic ways not the Frilly ways.
Like psychosynthesis. Want to be honest but not brutally.
I find it hard not to try to be something better than I am.
Hate being annoying. Love apologising. Sorry ; )

I like listening to LBC and watching conspiracy theories on youtube (they don’t really go hand in hand but they both make me really cross) so will probably use this as my soapbox hope u don’t mind : )

My most important achievement is a twinkle in my eye. I hope I can keep it along the ride.