Exploring the magical…

by kat1616

“Yes you can have it all but it will be messy” Nora Ephron.

I love that quote. Hallelujah ain’t that the truth. My truth. Or possibly more apt for me right now is you can try and have it all and it will be messy. My children, whose needs come before my own (what a relief), making a living doing what you love – that’s a blessing slowly coming to fruition, the heart in the home (daily work in progress) and a relationship 10 years old yesterday that’s sadly passed unmarked, uncelebrated because its not a priority and you are both tired. Awww. A fantasised life that’s not your reality explored, agonised and shelved again today. Dreams of a magical existence dragged down to the un magical feeling present.

Is wanting to feel the magic of the world as much as humanly possible completely unrealistic or really sensible? Does what go up always have to come down? It sounds a sensible option to me but it isn’t very realistic and completely incompatible with the daily grind, the drudge of life. I find it enough to just remember to will it – the magic I mean.

Remembering to be vulnerable, be truthful, be generous and most of all see it in those that have lost sight of it will keep it alive in my heart. To keep looking for it passionately. To see the magic of our existence and experience as a beacon of hope in front of me at all times or as much as possible.

I will remember that tonight and be grateful for all the magical things that have happened in my life. I will be grateful that I can entertain having it all. I remember those that can’t feel magic and wonder tonight. Me included but it’s always there I know that so God give me the will to feel it.