Holidays ipads and youtube

by kat1616

The boys are on holiday now. There has been a lot of bouncing on our new trampoline, eating and lazing on ipads. Its been great weather so lots of garden and park life too. A lot of social engagements for Mr Raf, he is a busy little soul. He is spending hours now watching Minecraft videos on youtube when he is “relaxing”. No one watches telly anymore now the footie is finished boo, no one watched family film night tonight. Boo. Sacred family screen bonding time wasted. We all sat on our ipads in front of a dejected screening of ET. I looked up and thought oh dear before I plunged back in. I am researching beauty stuff and shop display for the salon, Raf is watching these quite annoying guys waffling on about minecraft while Canon has just started watching endless videos of people openingĀ  chocolate surprise eggs. Really ? Who bloody knew? How he found them I dont actually know so will have to hide ipads, again. Lol this always happens particularly in holidays, I will then forget where they are and spend days trying to find the damned things. I am obviously a good hider though which is good to know : )

Anyway the internet is far too wierd to allow my little friends to just sit uninterupted. Once Rafi told me he had seen something really really unpleasant in the middle of a moshi monster film on youtube. I wont elaborate, this is a safe space. But. Gross. So beware. Be aware. I will try harder than tonight too.

I really want to talk about parenting and some stuff I have read and thinking about recently. I wanted to talk about the choices we are making and not making and thus the shaping and forming. What a responsibility. I really want to explore what I think is the new way of viewing education and especially further education. I wanted to talk about ABA and GAPS diet mind f*** dilemmas. And how I gave Canon gluten today as I just cant find any nice noodles for him to go with the stir fry. But I am knackered. Still no one reads this yet so I’m sure no one minds.