Tears of joy

by kat1616

Today Canon had his first class assembly. I have to say i was not wildly excited at the prospect. The TA has been telling me for weeks they have been practicing and singing the songs for Jack and the Beanstalk. Great I thought. He was engaging and enjoying the songs. Lovely. To be on the stage in front of everyone? Hmmm I was not convinced he was going to be able to do that. I didn’t think about it too much, I had a little anxiety as we queued and I saw how many parents there were and all the other classes troop in. Uh oh. I sat at the back. I hoped he would see me and feel supported but equally that he wouldn’t see me and run off the stage. I saw him at the top of the stairs putting up a little fight with TA uh oh. When e finally came on the stage he did see me and i gave him a silent cheer and he grinned back but stayed where he was! It was brilliant, from the start then to the end. He was so super. I was videoing luckily so no one could see the tears rolling down my cheeks. No mum has felt prouder. He was so so sweet the way he was copying the actions and words, of course he didn’t know most of them but he was trying so hard and the best bit he looked like he was actually having a great old time. I see bright lights in his future lol! He do a little gazing off or hopping on the spot, his little quirks I know so well that no one really ever notices and they looked even full of joy. What a little star.