by kat1616

Today I took Canon to his homeopath on Fulham Road and I wanted to share the beautiful side of him/autism and wherever that begins and ends. As we walked up the road to the cashpoint he holds my hand like a gorgeous boy that he is and we see this giant penguin outside a cafe. Canon says wow and stops he looks at the penguin for a few seconds and then leans in and gives the back of that big lump of plastic a big hug. A woman sitting just inside grins, I grin like a crazy person and we say bye bye penguin. I love that kid so much. It was so beautiful and simple. When we passed by again he did it again and I felt like the luckiest mum in the world. It’s the little things in life that can give the greatest pleasure.

I really like this homeopathist (not sure that’s the title but it works) she is great and has really helped me with some overwhelming feelings, anger and a kind of tired foggy haze that has me reaching for hot milky drinks and cookies lol. She really met me, I say that in the deepest sense of meeting someone. I felt met and understood straight away. We have seen real improvements in some of Canons behaviours with Homeopathy, previously with Alan Freestone and now with Malgosia. It really is worth a go whoever you are. I know some people think its wacky but the world and everyone in it are totally nuts. You only have to look at the daily mail online or a turkey (so funny looking : )) to be reminded of this. Better than taking pharmaceuticals at any rate. Not really sure exactly how homeopathy or cranial or even acupuncture work but I trust them instinctively and have personally had great healing for an array of issues both physical and mental.

The things I really want to still do for Canon are to finish Canons NAET sessions with Ann @ Caring For You, OT at somewhere like Hemisphere in Surrey, some more cranial with the brilliant Isabelle De Rehya, see a proper nutritionist to work OT some simple dietary issues and possible supplements and horse riding! I also think Canon might be really musical so I would love to explore that with him. We follow just a gluten free diet with Canon, originally it was dairy too but we reintroduced it and didn’t see any major issues. We sometimes feel he stims more when he has something with soya lecithin in, maybe we imagine it, God knows this is no scientific approach but we try to avoid anything with this in. We are not crazy rigid on his diet, maybe we should be but he is not allergic but we did feel there was some improvement.

Someone gave me a link recently to a cool article on autism treatments…

I started out looking at biomedical interventions to cure, now I will do what I feel leads to good health and helps him regulate. Maybe it’s just today but I feel more relaxed. There is this beauty to Canon that I would not change for the world. We are lucky and blessed to have him.