Beep beep bop bop

by kat1616

It’s a whole new world this blog place : ) reading others and engaging a bit this week has been good. It’s scary putting it all out there, vulnerable but exciting. I’m pretty sensitive and tend to over think most stuff, what people with autism will feel or think of my words : ( or other (better) autism parents. I know on every journey one gets to the point where you feel better, it’s called acceptance. I touch it, I can feel it sometimes and it’s just fine. I don’t fully live there yet what a shame : (
Saturday night was bad and then yesterday and today were really ok. Got loads done. Our baby boys are aok. Had some lovely lovely lovely moments. Mike cooked sea bass tonight and the boys ate it all. Oh the joy. Love it when they eat their dinner especially healthy dinners.
Emails and meetings with schools and sencos, consultants, supervisors and tutors. Getting serious today. Getting things done. Yippeeekayyay
So today it was all ok. Today I got to do my best no interuptions, to try to help but not to fix.
Today i feel grateful I have a good life and I have lots of love. Lucky me.
I don’t feel that everyday and I definitely wouldn’t always share that.