Staff meeting

I own a beauty salon and today we had a staff meeting. Waffled a lot about maintaining good energy in everything we do, they looked back at me and I wondered if they thought it was cool or whether I would shut up and talk commission. I wish people would be prepared to pay more for a mani or some waxing – breaks my heart not to pay the girls what they deserve. Maybe i just havent got it right. Will find a way, the whole business feels energy zapped and zapping. I know every business feels like this sometimes but it has been a lot of the time recently. Can’t really get it straight in my head, probably something to do with the baby and little Canon probably. And the move. Cream crackered. But need to keep on so big decisions need to be made. Signs gratefully received world.

Going to watch the last episode of my latest marathon The Americans. It’s awesome but I will feel bereft after. Can they please make tv quicker I hate long season breaks.

Curtainless windows


So we just moved and I had so many plans to make it PERFEcT in 3 months. It was in a pretty bad way so I must have been mad. Also now we have no money. Every night now I lay in bed it’s still light and look out through my beautiful oldy worldly windows and I feel pretty lucky. Not sure I want curtains but will probably change my mind when winter comes. Loving this summer.

My son shouts a lot. I came home and he cuddled me then we tried to cajole him to dinner. The dinner or bed option worked for a while but now he just says dinner bed and takes himself upstairs. It’s actually a bit scary. No dinner and taking himself to bed and not sleeping. What to do.

Tonight was different tho he shouted a lot. He shouted all day. After no dinner we went to pick up Raf from his friends house (Rafael my baby no 1 now 8) and I took them for ice cream. He ate all his special frozen yoghurt gluten free cone that I drive across north London for. Rafi loves the place. Frozen yoghurt with jelly men and marshmallows and strawberry sauce ? Urgh me I like it completely plain. Anyway after the ice cream Which Canon managed to say Nice ice cream (sorta) I turned on the radio “nooooo” shouts the backseat despot. Nononono the only song not to get a stampede of nos is Pharrell happy which we all used to love and now cannot bear to listen to we have heard it that many times.

Tonight in the end I decided to play my song and sing very loud until we pulled up at home. I felt happy the boys were disgusted : )

Its the little things.