Lift off

by kat1616

Can’t quite work out why I am starting a blog today. There has been no build up. I have entertained the idea many times before but not particularly seriously. Perhaps it’s cos my friend has started a blog that has really touched me and made me feel closer to her. Or maybe because I am not on Facebook I miss an audience and ranting to people that used to know me when I was 5 or 15 just didn’t fulfil me lol. It’s a bit of a mystery actually. But rolling with it…

I’ve just evicted Canon, the one with autism, out of the bed with a decided air of the defeated. Bedtimes + Canon is not a happy sum of parts for me who by 9 at night only really wants to see the angelic sleeping faces of all my children. The battle of the bedtime. Anyway good thing or bad, I can happily be on my iPad after hours and try to ignore wayward children occasionally shouting the words bed or sleep. It’s a beautiful picture of domestic drudgery 2014.

Michael my other half is now herding him into bed whispering night night. It probably won’t work and we will hear him still humming his little tune at gone 11 bless him. Maybe it will be different I am open to it! But I doubt it.

Canon is lovely. He is in nursery and today I went with the baby ( Sol 9 months) to his sports day. He came last but did make it over the finish line both times after being half dragged by his sweet South African Teaching Assistant. Bless her. She is trying, can’t ask for more. We stood at the end of the race, me and the babe, enduring questioning glances from all the other parents studiously standing behind the string line. Suck it up we are special. I was waving frantically and in my head he would see me and bound towards me but no he didn’t see us. It hurt for probably about 4 seconds, things rarely goes to my plan with Canon but that’s probably why he is quite a cool kid.

I did tell Mike, his dad and don’t know what to call him except life partner which makes me snigger, anyway called him and told him it was uncool he didn’t come I look like a single mum and they think we are separated. We laughed. No one is interested I’m pretty sure.

Good day to start a blog as after I took Canon and babe to the farm in Mill Hill. I’ve been meaning to go for about 2 years. It was pretty funny. Seeing Alpacas and turkeys with Canon is something I can highly recommend. Even pigs seemed quite ridiculous.

Just about put a meal on the table and yes mike it probably wasn’t from my heart sorry. He does like cooking to be from the heart. You can taste it he’s right. Don’t often think he’s right lol.

Watched World Cup qualifier Germany v USA (basically another Germany. What is with all the German players and a manager weird.) hmmmmm it was a difficult one I think I was on the fence not sure I could ever actively support either in football, that has never happened to me b4 I always feel sorry for the first team that start looking sad. Anyway i would like this opportunity to say America wake up and get good at football. I dont actually think many people really want u to cos we think, this is a generalisation, that u can be a bit full on (didn’t say annoying) and your World Series is a bit arrogant considering no other countries participate non? But anyway it made me feel a bit tingly watching scenes of Americans caring about football. You are obviously not allowed to win. Sorry those are the rules. Not sure who to support now. Bloody England.